Cattle Livestock

Integrated Livestock, breeding, feedmill, waste management organic fertilizer is the largest farm facility in Indonesia.

Cianjur Farm

130 Hectares

Cariu Farm

35 Hectares

Featured Cow Program

Collaborating with UGM to develop a cross-breeding program

Cattle Feed

Formulation of highly nutritious feed under the assistance of national livestock experts.

BioFertilizer Production

Liquid and solid waste is produced as organic. It is a form of our commitment in implementing zero waste to reduce the green house effect. PT Pasir Tengah has pioneered waste to be stored as environmentally friendly biogas fuel.

Partnership Programme

PT Pasir Tengah runs a plasma nucleus partnership program, aimed at improving the welfare of farmers & breeders. One type of partnership that is running is the Mandiri Sapi Village and the Green Partnership to meet internal needs.