Integrated Poultry Division includes Grand Parent Stock Breeding Division (Breeding GPS), Parent Stock Breeding (Breeding PS), Hatchery Division (Hatchery), Broiler Chicken Cultivation (Commercial Broiler Farm), Premium Layer Farming (Layer Farm), Poultry Slaughterhhouse (Place of cutting).

Poultry Feed

Formulated to meet the nutritional needs of poultry at every stage.


Breeding Farm units which are managed modernly with closed house cage facilities with the latest technology. Implementing a strict Good Breeding Practice (GBP) maintenance system, to achieve the best production results run by experienced young livestock practitioners under the supervision of the best poultry farming experts and academics.


The Hatchery business unit has Cold Storage facilities, Setting Machines, Hatchery Machines, and implements Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to produce the best quality Day Old Chick (DOC) products.

Commercial Farm

focuses on maintaining Day Old Chick (1 day old chicken) until it is ready to harvest as a livebird (chicken ready for slaughter)

Layer Commercial Farm

Produces premium consumption chicken eggs

Abattoir (Poultry Slaughterhouse)

The Poultry Slaughterhouse (RPHU) business unit is managed by implementing a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system. It is the large RPHU in Indonesia, that already has MUI Halal certification & NKV certification.

Day Old Chick (DOC)

The top choice for many broiler breeders. Derived from carefully selected hatching eggs, the DOC W99 brand is the guarantee of healthy, agile and top quality DOCs.


Available in various choices, ranging from whole chicken, chicken meat, boneless chicken, and selected chicken pieces.

marketing chicken meat under the W99 brand offline to various modern markets, hotels, restaurants and catering in Indonesia as well as online on various e-commerce platforms