Kesatriaan Entrepreneur Indonesia

Kesatriaan Entrepreneur Indonesia Profile

Kesatriaan Entrepreneur Indonesia is an organization under auspices of PT Widodo Makmur Perkasa, Tbk., centered in Joglo Tumiyono, located in Ngerangan Village, Bayat District, Klaten Regency, Central Java ProvinceKesatriaan Entrepreneur Indonesia is determined to create 1,000,000 young entrepreneurs.

Kesatriaan Entrepreneur Indonesia Programs :

1. A Million new Young Agropreneurs

This program aims to produce young agropreneurs in the agriculture, livestock and food sectors through regular training. Kesatriaan Tani Muda is the first batch of training programs that started in November 2020 and was attended by 60 youths for 3 months. Followed by the Kesatriaan Peternak Muda as the second batch, which was carried out in March 2021 and was attended by 30 youths from various districts. This program will be run regularly, as a recruitment stage for young agropreneur candidates. Alumni from each generation will be selected for further programs in the form of business incubation, facilitation of access to finance and partnerships with big enterprises.

2. Business Incubation

Intensive mentoring program for young entrepreneurs who have started businesses, including training and business management assistance, mentoring from experts, as well as facilitating networking and collaboration with business partners.

3. Economic Development of Farmers

Community business development programs or groups of farmers and breeders, through training and mentoring, strengthening community or group institutions, and developing partnership programs. The partnership program is run with the support of PT Widodo Makmur Perkasa, Tbk as well as collaborating with financing and insurance institutions, government agencies, as well as farmer or breeders associations and cooperatives.

4. Economic Development of Pesantren (Islamic Boarding School)

This program aims to strengthen the economy of Islamic boarding schools and social institutions or religious organizations, as economic drivers of the people. Economic potential and human resources or students in Islamic boarding schools still have not received optimal attention from many parties. We believe that pesantren and socio-religious institutions are capable of being the economic drivers of the people at the grassroots, if they are able to be collaborated and linked with other economic actors. Through this program, Islamic boarding schools are strengthened as institutions that produce santri-preneurs and economic drivers of the people