Efforts to Reduce Carbon Emissions in the Indonesian Livestock Industry

31 Oct 2022 / Admin / 140 Reads

Jakarta, 31 October 2022 – The use of New and Renewable Energy (EBT) in the livestock industry in Indonesia has great potential and opportunities. In response to this, Sun Energy held the Green Future Festival to give awards to industry players who have implemented sustainable practices, specifically in the utilization of EBT. PT Widodo Makmur Perkasa, Tbk as a consumer goods and agricultural commodities company in Indonesia was selected as one of the companies awarded in the Green Poultry Business of The Year category.

Vice CEO, PT Langgeng Makmur Perkasa - a subsidiary of PT Widodo Makmur Perkasa, Tbk, Yuyu Y. Kasim explained that the company has a dream to be at the forefront of a sustainable food industry. According to him, this is in line with the global community's efforts to improve and maintain the sustainability of the earth in accordance with the principles of sustainable development goals (SDGs).

"As a concrete form of preventing climate change, we use Renewable Energy (EBT) through the installation of solar panels. Until now, the Company's business line has utilized solar panels with various capacities ranging from 250 KWp to 5.0 MWp to supply the Company's internal energy needs. Installing solar panels has been and will continue to be implemented not only in the poultry business line, but in all of the Company's business lines," explained Yuyu.

The awarding of the Green Future Festival is also a joint effort to encourage the achievement of net zero emissions by 2060. In that year, it is hoped that all parties, including the industry, will switch to an environmentally friendly operational system.

In addition to utilizing EBT, PT Widodo Makmur Perkasa, Tbk also applies the circular economy concept in which the Company minimizes waste products and reuses the waste produced as best as possible. This can be seen from the use of livestock manure which is reused as organic fertilizer which is rich in benefits.

Research and development (R&D) for innovation in the field of sustainability is also continuously being carried out, such as the ongoing Bio-CNG development plan to other NRE utilization plans such as wind turbines.


About PT Widodo Makmur Perkasa Tbk

PT Widodo Makmur Perkasa Tbk is one of the leading upstream to downstream integrated food supply companies in Indonesia. Founded in 1995, the Company has a vision of Providing Food for the Nation which is supported by five main businesses, namely integrated cattle farming, modern meat processing, integrated poultry farming, agricultural commodities, and construction and energy.

PT Widodo Makmur Perkasa Tbk has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX: WMPP). Every year the Company continues to show positive growth, both in terms of infrastructure development, production capacity, as well as in terms of business and assets. The Company's business lines operate in several regions of Indonesia, and products have been widely marketed in the community.

The use of new renewable energy (renewable resources) continues to be carried out to support a sustainable and responsible food industry. Through the Company's social program, PT Widodo Makmur Perkasa Tbk encourages more and more young Indonesian farmers to be born who are highly competitive, for the advancement of the domestic food industry. Check out complete information about the Company at https://www.widodomakmurperkasa.co.id/

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