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Jakarta, 14 April 2022 – PT. Widodo Makmur Perkasa ("Company" or IDX: "WMPP"), is a Company engaged in Consumer Goods and Agricultural Commodities that is holistically integrated with five business lines, namely Livestock, Meat Processing, Poultry, Commodity, and Construction & Energy. Meanwhile, PT. PT. Nanotech Indonesia Global Tbk (IDX: NANO) is a company engaged in research and development, as well as engineering engineering with the support of five Strategic Business Units covering general industry, Health, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, aquaculture, property and education.

On this day, the two officially signed a Cooperation agreement containing several points, among others, the trial of the use of Nanobubble Technology to help improve the quality and quantity of agricultural and livestock businesses, the trial of propolis products as natural supplements and antibiotics for farm animals, and the development and application of nanotechnology for the agricultural and livestock industries in order to improve product quality and efficiency. And this cooperation is arranged technically will be implemented in all wmpp business lines both engaged in animal husbandry and agriculture. 

"This collaboration is a form of WMPP's commitment in improving the quality of livestock products and agricultural products, at affordable prices for the people of Indonesia. By doing this collaboration shows WMPP's commitment to continue to open up the potential for innovation, especially in the consumer goods and agricultural commodities sectors in addition to achieving the best product quality, the innovations we will do with NANO are expected to also increase the Company's productivity which ultimately improves our ability to meet the needs of Consumer Goods and Agricultural Commodities products for the people of Indonesia."  Said WMPP CEO, Tumiyono.

"In the future, we also continue to open opportunities for any party who has a platform and technology that can be applied and tested on the infrastructure and facilities we have. Because WMPP realizes that collaboration is the key to being able to continue to move in the development and improvement of productivity, with the hope that it will provide added value for the Company and our strategic partners, and ultimately bring the company's growth and realize our vision as the leading Consumer Goods and Agricultural Commodities Company in Indonesia." Added Tumiyono.

On this occasion , NANO Technology Director Alfian Noviyanto said "As an agrarian country, the Livestock and Agricultural Commodities industry should be the backbone of the country's economy. NANO, which is engaged in technology, wants to be part of this industry journey so we make the strategic business of aquaculture and agribusiness units one of the real steps. The nanobubble technology we initiated was originally used for emulsion manufacturing. But along with the implementation of more in-depth research, this nanobubble technology is able to provide benefits in the field of fisheries. The results of our research collaboration with KKP Situbondo show that the use of nanobubble technology can increase the productivity of vaname shrimp ponds. Other research results, this nanobubble technology

It can also be utilized in the process of processing liquid waste. This collaboration with WMPP is one of the extensions of nanobubble technology for agriculture and animal husbandry. Our hope is that the technology we bring can increase productivity in agriculture and animal husbandry."